6 stand-out benefits of using Edu Smart 360 for your institute

Edu Smart 360 is a platform for educational institutions to minimize cash transactions and increase operational efficiency, automate routine/clerical process. Be it a simple fee payment portal or a student ERP system, Edu Smart 360 caters to any institute’s requirement to better help you serve your students and their parents.

Here are 6 stand-out benefits of using Edu Smart 360 for your institute

  • Minimize Cash Management :   When the nation is going ‘cashless’, why not educational institutions? An online FEE payment platform that facilitates collection of all kinds of fees, without any manual intervention. Edu Smart accepts all types of debit and credit cards in addition to net banking transactions, as well. Don’t worry, as it’s a secured and authorized transaction with EMI facility.

  • Digital Attendance :   With Edu Smart 360, one can avoid the delicacy or errors which affect the attendance of students. As the attendance process will be completely digital, there would be no such case of attendance malpractices.

  • Alerts & Notifications :   With Edu Smart 360, educational institutions can make announcements digitally thus reducing the need for physical circulars. Also the announcements which are displayed on notice boards will become digital, thus reducing manual errors.

  • Info on One Click & Multiple Pay :   You can get all related -information from fee payment to attendance, on just a single click via this platform. Also, you can choose multiple pay-options via Edu Smart 360 by avoiding other portals for payments.

  • Merchant Management System :   Edu Smart 360 is capable of handling high volumes of transactions and automated payments on immediate processing with settlement reports/data that can be extracted securely in no time.

  • Library – QR code based digital library :   A library should try to keep up with the digital world through various technologies in this modern age. The new generation are used to receiving information in just one click. They became more used to retrieving information from the internet than a library. Keeping this in mind, Edu Smart 360 libraries are updated with latest technologies as per the necessity of the digital-users.