How Edu Smart 360 can help educational institutions maximize operational efficiency


Educational institutions in India are known to follow archaic processes since ages. This has resulted in chaos and confusion as far as the system is concerned. All this has taken a toll on its operational efficiency.

However, technological advancements are all set to change things for good in the Indian educational institutions. Presenting Edu Smart 360 – an online platform that allows officials to enhance operational efficiency as follows:

Cash Management

Cash management is one common issue affecting all schools, colleges and universities. Cash handling, accounting and auditing is quite a challenge for everyone. Collecting payments manually and auditing takes lot of time. Eventually, this affects the operational efficiency tremendously resulting in manual errors.

Edu Smart 360 can now ease issues related to cash management. An automated platform for payment of fees can eliminate challenges related to tracking, depositing or auditing of money. Edu-Smart 360 also supports multi-payment networks thus benefitting parents. Moreover, Edu Smart 360 provides a secure -platform for net-banking transactions as well.

Automated Processes

Edu-Smart 360 offers an automated solution to users belonging to educational organizations, thus simplifying the workload on manual processes. For instance, Edu Smart 360 offers an alternative to manual processes by providing an automated platform. Processes such as attendance, MIS reports, auditing are taken care of via Edu Smart 360.

As the name suggests, Edu Smart 360 provides a holistic solution to all the processes. Some of the other tasks that can be taken care of in no time include in-house reconciliation of reports and accounting, thus reducing overall turnaround time and operational costs.

It is quite evident that Edu Smart 360 aims to put an end to out-dated processes that have plagued the functioning of the Indian educational system. For more details visit today.