How can operational costs be curbed via Edu Smart 360?


A lot has been said about the challenges affecting the functioning of educational institutions in India. One major factor bringing disrepute to educational establishments has been that of corruption.

Here is how corruption is proving to be the major obstacle affecting the operational efficiency of educational institutions:

Out-dated processes aiding corruption:

Manual intervention is still required at each and every stage of process, in educational institutions. Collection of payments, creation of MIS reports, tracking of payments and auditing is still done manually at every stage. This results in chaos and confusion at various stages and an unending cycle of errors.

Storage of Documents/ Cash Deposits

Physical intervention at each and every stage has also made its presence felt in the storage processes as well. Educational establishments still heavily rely on physically-heavy storage systems which comprise of stationary units. Climatic conditions coupled with misplacement can hamper these documents resulting in major loss.

Moreover, physical storage of cash can lead to fraud or physical damage to the currency. The process of physically counting these notes takes a lot of time and efforts. A dedicated resource has to be allocated for the same.

How can we overcome these challenges?

The above specified challenges can now be overcome by adopting modern processes. Presenting – Edu Smart 360 – a smarter alternative for dealing with all the challenges mentioned above.

Edu Smart 360 is an online platform that automates set processes to enhance operational efficiency. Via the 24/7 online platform, institutes can provide an online platform for the payment of fees to parents and students alike. Moreover, the payments can also be tracked online in real-time.

MIS reports too can be tabulated at the backend with minimum manual intervention. The portal operates on a safe and secure authorized payment gateway which eliminates the occurrence of fraud. Moreover, educational institutions can also send timely reminders and messages to parents or students regarding late payment of fees. It is thus a win-win situation for all the parties involved (the institute, parents as well as students).

On the other hand, the presence of an online system allows storage of documents online, reducing the cost and time associated with paperwork. Clerks can receive updated information at the click of a button, within minutes.

Thus, Edu Smart 360 is a cost-effective solution for Universities, colleges and schools. With increased awareness, Edu Smart will surely change things for the better of the educational domain in India. Visit to know more.