Online Application / Instant Card Issuance

Online application serves as a product integrated for online e-kyc, e-signature, online CIBIL and online pan verification. Online application will facilitate customer on boarding digitized.

Instant Issuance is sub-process for online application which facilitates the customer to receive the card immediately.  Customer can easily replace, recard and upgrade card instantly from any branch.

Need for the Product:

> Digitalised Onboarding

> Instant Handover of Card

> Minimising overheads on courier etc.


  1. Automated immediate re-issuing / re-carding of cards
  2. Re-issue same variant card through card to card mapping
  3. Upgrade of card (premium), to pre-mapped eligible card base
  4. Upgrade to same product (EMV / contactless), a more secured card
  5. We can have as much as 6 variant card plastics stored in the embossing machine.
  6. Integrated e-kyc, e-Pan, E-sign and credit rating check
  7. Module configured to card management system for intelligent decision making
  8. PIN generation, through PIN pad, IVRS, Net Banking
  9. Pin generation can also optionally activate the new card; the old card would be immediately de-activated
  10. PCI certified card embosser and solution


  1. Paperless on-boarding
  2. Improved efficiency in application screening
  3. Secure & guaranteed customer verification thru e-KYC
  4. No data entry, hence saving cost and management effort
  5. Minimize time for customer on-boarding
  6. Reducing of overheads, on courier and collateral costs
  7. Prompt decision making (CRM and Underwriting)
  8. Automated allocation of application processing
  9. Eliminate false solicitation and wrong selling
  10. Create centralized document repository and archival


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