Merchant Plug-In

MPI: Merchant Plug-In is an important part of payment gateway for better success ratio and tracking transaction at each steps during authentication.

  • Performs a set of vital, specific activities in the course of a 3D Secure transaction.
  • Card enrollment check with the Directory Server
  • Validating the signature contained in the 3D Secure transaction message using a digital certificate.


MPI perform below mention functions during the transaction :

  • Card Enrollment Check : MPI will connect directory server to check whether card is enrolled for 3d secure for not.

  • Cardholder Verification : If the card is enrolled, MPI will re-direct the card holder to the ACS provided by their Issuing Bank. This page enables the card holder to authenticate themselves directly with their bank. Once the authentication process is complete, the Issuing Bank re-directs the card holder back to Payment gateway website.


  • Hosted and Managed Solution
  • Better Success Ratio
  • Seamless Flow
  • Limits the acquirer role for Authentication
  • Tracking of Transaction at various levels
  • Payment Analytics



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