Are tedious financial transactions & payments taking up much of your time?

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Mr. Ramesh owns a small-scale retail outlet based in the city. However, Mr. Ramesh has started to face numerous challenges related to finance-management, auditing, enabling faster and more secure mode of payments. He is unhappy with the traditional POS machine. End of the day, Ramesh hardly gets any time to deal with the primary aspects of his business.


How educational institutions can minimize cash transactions and maximize operational efficiency?

Never-ending clerical work and massive cash-based transactions are two major hindrances for educational institutions across India.

A lot of man-hours are spent on these tedious processes, which can actually be utilized constructively elsewhere. If you are part of a small-scale or large educational establishment, chances are you have probably faced these challenges numerous times.


Must read: The future of payments!

Gone are the days when cash was considered as the only mode of transaction in the world. Slowly but gradually, plastic cards (debit and credit) and online payment gateway; have successfully managed to replace cash transactions up to a certain extent.
The payment industry has evolved tremendously, making the shift to digital in the last few years.


In-Solutions Global Ltd (ISG) launches office in Dubai’s DIFC

In response to the growing demand from banks, third party processors and merchants for the provision of competitive, enterprise payment solutions in the MEA region, ISG has opened an office in Dubai. Incorporated in DIFC, the region’s financial transactional hub, the new entity will serve regional and international Clients outside India.