Are tedious financial transactions & payments taking up much of your time?

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Mr. Ramesh owns a small-scale retail outlet based in the city. However, Mr. Ramesh has started to face numerous challenges related to finance-management, auditing, enabling faster and more secure mode of payments. He is unhappy with the traditional POS machine. End of the day, Ramesh hardly gets any time to deal with the primary aspects of his business.

A similar problem is faced by online ecommerce portals who invest a lot of time in receiving an order or returning payment during refunds. On the other hand, consumers are put off due to traditional time-consuming payment avenues or the requirement to carry physical cash each time.

Worry no more! Presenting ISGpay Payment Gateway solution – an end-to-end service that reduces the aforementioned hassles for businesses. The platform provides scalability in handling large transaction volumes.

ISGpay Payment Gateway enables:

Faster check out for consumers

ISGpay allows faster and secure checkout for customers, thus bringing an end to transaction issues faced by clients. They can check out of the website after making payments within a jiffy.

EMI facility

ISGpay has a built in EMI facility offering greater convenience for merchants and consumers alike.

SMS and Email based invoicing options

Consumers can now make hassle-free payments via SMS and email rather than having to run through a tedious checkout process.

Refund issues resolved

Merchants can handle any issues arising as a result of refunds from customers online, with ease. Refunds usually take around 5-7 days to reflect in one’s account. The delay can be brought down considerably thanks to ISGpay Payment Gateway.

User friendly interface

Merchants can use ISGpay payment gateway with ease thanks to a user-friendly and easily decipherable interface that can be customized as per individual website-requirements.

QR based payment systems

QR based payment systems provided via ISGpay not only result in to faster payments from customers but also allow customers to pay with ease, while ensuring greater security.

Can be used across multiple domains

As mentioned above, the template can be customized and adapted as per business specific-requirements. The same applies to different domains as well. Right from retail POS outlets to an ecommerce portal or even a restaurant, ISGpay can be employed at various verticals, irrespective of the size and nature of business.

Receive faster payments via ISGpay
It takes around 3-5 days to integrate ISGpay with the merchant’s bank account. The setting up process is quite simple and does not take much time. The payment gateway is enabled with an in-depth MIS reporting, thus helping merchants identify opportunities to grow business.

Thus, the convenience of payments via ISGpay Payment gateway is indeed a blessing for merchants as it not only saves consumer’s time but also reduces the overall manual effort. These benefits can eventually be transferred to the consumer as the consumer is assured of the security aspect. In addition, faster payment coupled with greater speed of refund payments to customer’s account eventually retains the consumer time and again.

A user-friendly, automated and intuitive payment gateway will certainly facilitate smoother transition over to digital payment mode for the merchants still relying on traditional payment methods.