How educational institutions can minimize cash transactions and maximize operational efficiency?


Never-ending clerical work and massive cash-based transactions are two major hindrances for educational institutions across India.

A lot of man-hours are spent on these tedious processes, which can actually be utilized constructively elsewhere. If you are part of a small-scale or large educational establishment, chances are you have probably faced these challenges numerous times.

Worry no more! Managing cash and improving operational efficiency is the mantra these days and you can achieve just that by opting for an efficient yet user-friendly platform!

EduSmart 360 is a platform which has helped educational establishments tremendously in going cashless and enhancing workplace operational efficiency

With this platform, you can not only automate the menial, time consuming clerical processes, but also keep cash transactions to a minimum. Some of the many areas in which this software can come handy are:

  • Simplifying transactions in the cafeteria via NFC enabled payments

  • Opting for a digital notice board for a convenient alternative for announcements and notifications

  • Switching to an online fee-payment platform

  • Adhoc reports and reconciliation

  • Support multiple payment networks namely Visa/ Master/ Maestro/ Rupay

  • Safe and secure authorized transactions

  • Moreover, Edusmart 360 also supports all types of transactions involving credit and debit cards in addition to net banking transactions. Digital attendance is another lucrative feature of this particular platform, thus cutting down on any attendance related errors or duplication.

    The above mentioned benefits thus bring an end to dependency on manual intervention at each and every step while enabling smoother accounting and overall reduction in operational costs for any educational establishment.

    This eventually brings an end to the overall TAT (turnaround time) required for every process.
    Edusmart 360 thus is a smarter, much more convenient alternative for minimizing cash management and automating clerical processes for any educational institution.