Cash Deposit Machine

The Cash Deposit Machine (CDM) is a self-driven device that facilitates to make deposits and payment transactions by cash.  The successful transactions are immediately credited and customers are issued an advice slip confirming the transaction.


  • Web based solution with Intranet / Internet facility.
  • Supports- 2 way & 3-way reconciliation
  • To ease in CDM Reconciliation, reduction of time is required to transfer cash balancing reports to ATM/CARD Cell.
  • Provides accurate & automate solution to audit cash balances.
  • Provides transaction level overages & shortages matrix.
  • Provides pointer on data issue.
  • Provides work efficiency in tallying maximum ATM’s CASH in go.
  • ISG Recon Certificate a document or seal certifying the authenticity of Cash Reconciliation of an ATM till a certain load.
  • Has Overage & shortage recovery module.


  1. Increases efficiency
  2. Multiple Banks one application concept.
  3. Improves tallying percentage and will help in identifying overages /shortages in respective load batch.
  4. Time saving and flexibility to deposit cash after the bank’s working hours.
  5. Provides replica of Bank’s CBS View.
  6. Flexibility in posting adjustment voucher.
  7. Smoothens audit Inspection.
  8. Increase in efficiency

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