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ISG’s Cash In ATM reconciliation enables smooth transactions for your customers. The act of balancing of logical cash with the physical cash ensures complete success of end to end transaction cycle. The number of entities involved including acquirers, issuers, Payment schemes, ATMs and others, depending on the transaction type and the customer/ bank can choose whether ; a 2- Way, 3- Way and 4-way transaction trace.

Also, ISG extends it capabilities by leveraging a holistic multi-institution reconciliation application system that helps in solving operational complexities of the reconciliation process.


  • An in-built reconciliation rule table to reconcile transactions based on various parameters.
  • Pre-configured Reconciliation Exceptions and Solutions.
  • System based computation of ATM cash dispense between ATM EOD as per Switch, CBS and EJ data.
  • ATM wise Load / Unload computation.
  • ATM Cash Balancing – with Physical (EJ/C3R) and Logical (Core Banking).
  • EJ Based Reconciliation, auto switching to 2 way mode (Switch Based) in the absence of EJ data.
  • Automated ATM Reconciliation in Bulk – Load to Load or EOD to EOD.
  • Cash Tallying Certificates for audit- Atm wise Reconciliation statements with outstanding entries.
  • CBS Interface file generation for input to the CBS- Claiming from ATM vendor and debiting shortages account.
  • Maintaining ATM wise GL balances and providing Overages & Shortages reports
  • Various exception & MIS reports.


  • ISG Reconciliation services are currently deployment and functional at over 10+banks in India and world over.
  • Managed by technically experience team
  • Capable of performing 4 way reconciliation (i.e. Switch, CBS, EJ, and CBR) for ATM Transactions.
  • End to End Transaction Life Cycle Management
  • A successful transaction processing of 4million + transactions daily

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