Credit Card Management System

ISG offers a comprehensive  user- friendly and secure Credit Card Management System.

Issuance, Application processing, Scoring, Statementing, transaction processing and others schemes form the gamut of the entire card management life cycle.

Highly scalable, it ensures maximum up-time.

  • PA DSS v3.0 Complaint
  • Platform Independent Solution
  • Based on MVC 2 architecture
  • Multi Currency, Multi Bank, Multi Product
  • Loyalty Points Management System.
  • Supports Full Grade/Early  Issuer in EMV
  • Multiple Configurable Billing Cycles
  • User-friendly GUI
  • Comprehensive NPA and Recovery Management System/Support.
  • Supports Integration with other 3rd Party Systems (Netbanking/CRM etc).
  • Complete CRM for servicing of cards
  • Configurable Rule based Fraud and Risk Management

  • Highly Robust and Secure
  • Based on MVC 2 architecture
  • Easily scalable
  • Availability in HA mode with almost 99.9% uptime even during Processing.

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