Global Switching

Scalable, robust, reliable and fault tolerant switching system supports various transaction types in an secured environment ensuring maximum uptime. Also, offers high level flexibility for interface addition.


  • Supports communication interface with point of sale devices via NAC
  • Supports GPRS/LAN based POS Machines and Mobile POS(MPOS)
  • Supports BIN based transaction Switching / Routing
  • Facilitates interface to Core Banking System
  • Facilitates interface to Authorization Host Systems
  • Facilitates interface to Payment Gateway
  • Supports interface to VISA, MasterCard and Rupay.
  • Supports industry standard message format – ISO 8583
  • Supports interface to Host Security Module (HSM)
  • Supports widely used ERACOM and THALES HSM
  • Supports provision for Real – time Merchant Settlement

Security Features:

  • Encryption of data using AES 256 and Triple DES.
  • Supports Terminal Line Encryption.
  • SHA-256 hashing of transaction details.


  • Support for various types of transactions: Sale, Void, Reversal, Refund, Auth & Preauth, etc.
  • Ensure maximum uptime to handle transactions.
  • Easy integration with Authorization Hosts, Core Banking Systems.
  • High throughput, scalability, robustness and fault tolerance.
  • Loosely coupled and flexible for new interface addition.


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