Interchange Fee Management

The solution provides tool to assist calculation and optimization of interchange fees and minimize compliance issues.


  • Centralized Oracle Backend
  • Platform and Environment independent systems.
  • Fully in-house developed software that can be further customized according to the Client bank’s needs.
  • Highly automated system.
  • Web based Solutions to provide online and real-time solutions.
  • Flexible and configurable system. All the modules are parameter driven and can be interfaced with the banks’ existing environment.
  • End-to-end solution, keeping manual intervention to the minimum.
  • Complete workflow driven system, enabling inexperienced user to easily adapt to the processes.
  • Enhanced audit tool for validating the interchange fees for both issuer and acquirer.
  • Extensive package of MIS tools


  • Fee Management Solution generates various reports to validate the Interchange Fees Charged and provided by networks like VISA/MasterCard relating & aiding to Flexi Pricing feature.
  • Provides a clear view of inflow and outflow of interchange fees
  • Minimizes compliance issues
  • Helps in reducing costs/or increasing revenues and provide better management information
  • Reporting flexibility to provide information according to date range selected

Extended Services:

    • Assists in analyzing the commission to be earned from the merchants.
    • Provides a clear view of the inflow & outflow of funds.
    • Ensures optimum payment of fees.
    • Ageing analysis
    • Card wise analysis i.e. which cards attract higher interchange fee and also provide a business study on cards.
    • Easy bifurcation of cards International and Domestic Enables calculation between the expected fee and settlement fee at Summary level .
    • Tool for calculating and optimizing the interchange fees.
    • Simple and accurate decision-making process.
  • Enables analysis of wrong fee (intentionally or unintentionally e.g.- utility services / MCC mismatch ) paid by the Acquirer
  • Analyses usage pattern of cardholders globally
  • Enables BIN wise and region wise analysis

The analysis of the billing by schemes would provide a tool to evaluate the costing of the overall card operations. Providing, us information on various charges that are payable to the Card Service Associations on the Issuing and Acquiring Activities in the Card operations. Read more

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