Transaction Manager

A comprehensive information examination dais that addresses the entire gamut of the reconciliation needs of the banks and the financial institutions involved.

It supports all major debit card brands and provide picture perfect services across multiple markets.

The program offers services for fraud and risk control, management reporting and exception management and also chargeback cycle.

Our comprehensive debit card issuing and processing services allow you to increase revenue, reduce fraud, streamline your operations and meet regulatory guidelines.

  • Access to multiple users with optional privileges setting
  • Designed on PA-DSS standards
  • User Friendly Graphical User-Interface
  • Can read all types of raw input files
  • All the standard Business cases pertaining to Debit card and ATM
  • Reconciliation of transaction in DMS(Dual Messaging System) and SMS(Single Messaging System)
    with the different input sources
    – Four way reconciliation between Switch,CBS,Tie-Up and EJ transaction records
    – GL Reconciliation
    – Force Reconciliation
    – Standard Accounting Process
    – Pre-configured Reconciliation Exceptions and Solutions
  • CRM(Customer Disputes) and Chargeback Cycle Management
  • Interface file generation for accounting exceptions
  • Electronic Journal Manager for reporting on missing EJ’s or missing serial numbers
  • Cash in ATM status tracker to resolve disputes
  • Various reports on the activities in the system
  • Dashboard for quick review for the daily activities in the system–Under development

  • User Friendly Graphical User-Interface
  • Standard Accounting Process
  • Deployed successfully at 20+ clients
  • Successful transaction processing of 4 million+ transactions per day
  • Automated exception reporting

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