ISG’s Bespoke Solutions

We design tailor-made solutions to better suit the unique requirements of dynamic organizations

Smart Router

Today between 25-30% of the transactions fail to get redirected to the desired Bank. ISGPay Smart Router increases the efficiency by 10-12%.

Rupay in a Secured Box

ISG provides an end-to-end solution for Rupay Card issuance and integration under one roof with Rupay In A Box.

Personalization Bureau

An in-house end-to-end solution that covers all aspects related to card personalization.

Bharat Bill Payment Services

A one-stop-shop for all bill payment requirements that offers multiple payments modes for paying bills anywhere and anytime.

Unified Payment Interface

A solution that provides a single interface across all NPCI systems as well as supports interoperability and delivers superior customer experience.

Why Bespoke? Why ISG?


ISG offers tailor-made solutions and services to clients based on their specific requirements to facilitate their business. We understand that each business has specific needs that can only be catered to by equally specific solutions.

Hence ISG offers highly customizable solutions like smart router which ensures higher success rates in terms of transactions, our Personalization Bureau that handles end-to-end services in terms of card personalization and delivery, UPI which is a new solution that aims to simplify and provide a single payment interface across all NPCI systems and Bharat Bill Payment Service which provides a simple platform for various bill payments to users anytime and anywhere.

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Tailor-made Banking Solutions

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