Smart Router

Today between 25-30% of the transactions fail to get redirected to the desired Bank. . ISGPay Smart Router increases the efficiency by 10-12%.

Ensures high transaction success rates consistently for our merchant partners. Whenever a merchant registers with us, gateways of multiple banks are assigned to his account. Our smart system detects the best performing gateway in terms of success rates and routes your transaction through it. On instances of down-times, scheduled maintenance breaks, overload on the bank servers and similar scenarios, our intelligent algorithms identify the drop in success rates and switches your transaction dynamically (Dynamic Switching) through another bank’s gateway.

  • Transaction monitoring at high frequencies
  • Human intelligence reporting
  • 70+ algorithms for routing
  • Dynamically routing to the best healthy processor
  • Retry framework to help the customer in completing the payment with a different processor or option
  • Facility to send invoices to customers for abandoned payments

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