One Stop Shop

All in one payments platform to boost your sales and take complete control over your transactions. Catering to businesses of all shapes and sizes we provide you and your customers with everything you need every step of the way – online, in-store and on the go.

Design Philosophy

Our approach to design is simple … secure, scalable, easy to integrate, minimum touch, anywhere at anytime. This makes accepting payments, raising e-invoices or creating subscription recurring payments easy and enables your customers to engage and transact with you with confidence.

  • support for institutional, corporate & SME merchant hierarchies
  • automated setup with certified payments interfaces
  • integration with all device types & other platforms within your ecosystem

Partner of Choice

Merchant acquiring is a complex business and the required infrastructure can be expensive to operate and maintain. Business, operations and technology teams have to adhere to a myriad of ever changing regulatory and payment industry standards, track the performance and profitability of merchants and assets, whilst ensuring a seamlessly orchestrated customer experience. That’s a lot to juggle all at the same time. As the payments partner of choice for acquirers, aggregators and merchants we remove the compliance and performance burden for thousands of businesses, opening up opportunities for service leadership, market growth and customer delight:

  • PCI-DSS, PCI PA-DSS & ISO 27001 certification
  • unique understanding of standards, MCCs, fees & interchange qualification
  • terminal inventory management

Core Modules

At the heart of our Genius Merchant Acquiring and Payments Processing platform are three core modules; Merchant Management System (MMS), Transaction Management System (TMS) and Risk Management System (RMS).

  • MMS: merchant onboarding, settlement & services
  • TMS: scheme interchange, settlement & reconciliation
  • RMS: fraud, chargebacks, disputes & regulatory reporting

Payments Security

Our security and fraud protection mechanisms ensure all your transactions and data in transit and at rest, are completely secured:

  • TLS for TCP/IP secure communications
  • AES256 for message encryption
  • SHA256-512 for data hashing

On a daily basis more than twenty million transactions are processed on our Genius Merchant Acquiring Platform. To find out more about how we can help please get in contact with us, or arrange to take a virtual tour of our customer experience centre.

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