Connect With Customers

Expand your reach and connect with your customers wherever they are, with over 100 different payment types to choose from.

Go Beyond

Through a single integration we provide a proactive, frictionless and adaptive platform with secure access to the latest payments and financial services. You can collaborate with partners and curate third party services to go beyond and help customers get more value.

  • be the first to offer & acquire new customers at a fraction of the cost
  • aggregate analytics for greater understanding of needs & preferences
  • create experiences customers will love, remember & share

Next Gen Payments

Technology never stands still and neither do we! Whilst proud of the extensive range of services available on Genius today we are constantly designing, developing, testing and certifying the next generation of services. In the pipeline for release this year:

  • high value payments on any smart phone with PIN-on-glass
  • real-time item-level receipt information
  • support for regional & foreign languages