Establishing Trust

Trust is established through positive relationships based on competence, honesty and benevolence. Most people consider trust as either very or extremely important when deciding where to shop and what payment method to use.

Pay With Confidence

Gaining your trust is our number one priority. Here’s what we do to make sure you feel confident when paying using ISG payments technology:

  • detailed background checks on every merchant
  • investment in market leading encryption technology to secure your data
  • review of every transaction

Transparency And Delight

In compliance with the highest standards in the industry and through continuous enrichment and protection of data, we aim to offer you the best payments experience:

  • present relevant contextual personalised offers & promotions
  • provide real-time visibility of transaction information (when, where, what & how much)
  • online access to file complaints

With over 17 years digital payments experience, ISG is a name you can trust.


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