Behind the Scenes

Much of the focus in recent years has been directed to front-end last-mile services for a highly engineered customer experience. Yet, behind the scenes, middle-and-back office services play a significant role and have a direct impact on service capability and performance delivery. With a lower share of IT investment, cumbersome manual processes still exist today alongside legacy systems and paper-based documentation. Combined these result in a poor employee experience, restricted scalability and over spending on maintenance services. Thankfully, middle-and-back office services are one of our strengths. We’ve spent a lot of our time perfecting the integration, scalability and performance of these services for both issuing and acquiring solutions.

Risk Management

Manage issuing and acquiring risks across all payment instruments and devices using our all-in-one Genius Risk & Compliance Payments platform. With all your data stored in one place you can effectively detect and prevent fraud, as well as, eliminate unnecessary chargebacks along with both their direct and hidden costs:

  • automated rules based fraud detection
  • pre-chargeback issuer & acquirer alerts
  • establish a single source of truth data with transaction & account lifecycle management & reconciliation

Compliance Innovation

Certified interfaces embedded in the Genius platform remove the complexity of managing critical, evolving infrastructure, rule changes and regulatory updates, enabling out-of-the-box clearing, settlement and reconciliation of transactions and fees across single and dual message systems (SMS/DMS) in record time.

  • accelerate innovation deploying & scaling products instantly
  • gain speed to market & competitive edge
  • achieve compliance & focus on serving your customers better

Genius Risk & Compliance Payments platform incorporates additional value added features, including processing of CyberSource and MPGS payment files.

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