Protection for All Citizens

One powerful platform that streamlines the e-filing and processing of consumer complaints, providing consumers, lawyers, clerks, registrars, advocates, stenographers and judges the ability to manage consumer cases, from beginning to end, in a transparent and timely manner.

Easy to Use

Consumers can file, track and access cases on the go via the mobile app. Intuitive navigation eliminates confusion and prevents bottlenecks:

  • download & register
  • select case type
  • upload support materials

Efficient Scheduling

Automated workflows push digital case files to the relevant person. Email and SMS notifications help cases move quickly through the process:

  • built in TATs, ageing & prioritisation
  • real-time updates
  • automatic scheduling of court dates

Full Transparency

Notices, written statements, affidavits and briefing notes are available online during the hearing, providing full transparency. Case files are updated based on courts decision:

  • court rulings digitally recorded
  • all parties notified of the outcome
  • fines & fees collected online

Smart eGovernment

Consumer Connect adheres to the Consumer Protection Act 1986 and 2019 and respective rules in the Consumer Court:

  • reduce the burden for all parties
  • process cases efficiently & effectively
  • store all records digitally on secure servers

Consumer Connect is completely paperless, reduces the need for travel and minimizes human interaction, assisting efforts to overcome the current pandemic.

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