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We prioritize what truly matters

Our Ethical Guidelines serve as our compass, ensuring a corporate culture rooted in openness, trust, and integrity. Upholding ethics is a collective effort that involves the active involvement and support of every team member. We are dedicated to safeguarding our employees, business partners, and suppliers from any intentional or inadvertent illegal or harmful actions.

At ISG, we are firmly committed to:

  • Adhering to the highest ethical standards and complying with all relevant laws, regulations, rules, and policies.
  • Leading by example, as honesty and integrity are paramount in all our business dealings.
  • Maintaining an open-door policy that encourages input and concerns from all employees, fostering an environment where they can comfortably discuss any issues, thus enabling management to address company concerns promptly.
  • Prioritizing the safety, health, and well-being of the public in the execution of our professional duties.
  • Building our professional reputation based on our capabilities, and refraining from engaging in unfair competition.
  • Refusing to participate in any business practices or associations, including potential customer relationships, that fall short of our ethical standards.”

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