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ISG Issuing Suite offers a highly parameterized onboarding service for your customers that streamlines the application, KYC, and credit scoring process. It provides comprehensive support for setting up new contracts for private and corporate clients and issuing new card/account products. Whether you’re handling new card issuances, renewals, or re-issues, our platform can adapt to your specific needs. You have the flexibility to choose between standard or customized application workflows.

Know-Your-Customer KYC Solution by ISG

Digital Onboarding

ISG issuing suite simplifies and optimizes the onboarding process, ensuring that you can efficiently manage new customers, contracts, and card products while maintaining the highest level of security and customization

Seamless Onboarding Journey

Centralized KYC Information

Client information is securely stored in a centralized KYC database, making it easy to create and maintain agreements between your organization and its clients.

Flexible Product Development

Our system is driven by parameters, allowing for agile product development and maintenance. You can implement flexible pricing structures for account, transaction, and service fees at various levels within your organization’s hierarchy.

Streamlined API Integration

State-of-the-art API for automated cardholder onboarding and client account creation. This API covers everything from addresses and credit limits to card types and hierarchy management

Comprehensive Application Processing

Our automated Application Processing feature handles all the necessary information for setting up private and corporate client contracts and issuing card products. It supports both individually keyed applications and mass-application entries, including validation through periodic file transfers from partners and agencies. You can also track the entire approval and declined process with full transparency.

Custom Credit Scoring Integration

You have the option to create interfaces with local credit agencies or credit scoring services like CIBIL to enhance the decision-making process. This feature further enhances the security and efficiency of your onboarding workflows.

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