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3DS Server

Acquiring Side Security For CNP Transactions

What is 3D Secure protection?

3D Secure

Discover the power of 3D Secure, a robust protocol designed to fortify the security of your online credit and debit card transactions. This innovative approach introduces an additional layer of protection across three key domains: the merchant/acquirer domain, the issuer domain, and the interoperability domain. 

3DS, or 3D Secure, is a technical standard that adds security to online debit and credit card transactions. It was created by Visa and MasterCard. It is a form of multifactor authentication that reduces card-not-present fraud by verifying cardholder identities.


3D Secure Server

Ensuring Acquiring Side Security For Card-Not-Present Transactions

3D Secure elevates your online shopping experience by implementing a two-step authentication process for cardholders during every transaction. This ensures that payments are not only processed seamlessly but also authorized with an extra level of security.

The 3DS server takes in customer data, cross-checks it on the card scheme system, and finds out the customer’s phone number. Within the 3-D Secure protocol, the Merchant 3D Server resides on the card acquirer side. Notably, many card acquirers entrust the responsibilities of the Merchant 3D Server to a reliable third party.

The Flow of 3D Secure

3DS ACS & 3DS Server

ISG 3DS Server: For Acquirers & Merchants

Our ISG 3DS Server serves as the backbone, delivering MPI/3DSS services for Acquirers, PSPs, and Merchants within the Merchant domain of the 3D Secure landscape. This solution plays a crucial role in managing fraud and disputes, offering a reliable shield for Acquirers, PSPs, and Merchants.


Notably, the ISG 3DS Server is certified and supports the Visa and Mastercard payment card systems. Additionally, our solution adheres to PCI DSS and PCI 3DS compliance standards, ensuring the highest level of security for your online transactions. Trust ISG 3DS Server to enhance your online security and streamline your payment processes.

Explore the 3DS ACS too!

To take advantage of the added security offered by 3DS, explore the 3DS ACS designed to integrate multifactor authentication into your checkout process seamlessly