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Efficiency Meets Compliance Seamlessly

ISG's Fee Management System

Experience a streamlined process with zero manual intervention, ensuring a hassle-free approach to managing fees. Our platform offers comprehensive audit capabilities, providing you with a meticulous examination of financial transactions and compliance measures. Embrace performance optimization as our advanced tools enhance your ability to analyze and fine-tune fee structures, ensuring that your acquiring operations are not only compliant but also optimized for maximum efficiency. Elevate your fee management experience with our user-friendly platform that prioritizes automation, audit precision, and performance excellence.

Interchange Fee for Schemes

Generate, Manage & Audit All Types Of Issuer & Acquirer Card Scheme Fees

Configurable & Parameter-Driven

Easy to configure & manage. Parameter driven based on region, rules & contracts

Reporting Support

Structured view of reconciled & unreconciled reports 

Acquirers Fee Management Solution by ISG

Discover a new level of

Efficiency, Precision & Compliance

Your merchants have the option to choose from various settlement approaches, including:

Granular Analysis & Audit

Delve into a granular analysis and audit experience, examining fees at various levels such as card, scheme, BIN, MCC, and device. Explore detailed analyses based on product, service, SMS, event, violation, etc.

Transaction-based Settlement

Track transactions meticulously by monitoring authorization and settlement debits with precision. Flexible scheduling options allow you to set up fee processing on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis.

Adhered To Rules

Maintain adherence to your member rule book by generating and applying fees in alignment with the specific guidelines. Our platform goes further by helping you reduce scheme violations, ensuring compliance with industry standards.


Access a wealth of insights through extensive forecasting and audit reports, empowering your strategic decision-making processes. Capture inputs for scheme claims/refunds, card operations costs, profitability analysis, etc. providing a holistic view

Streamlined reporting

Streamlined fee management reporting tool, where financial clarity meets actionable insights. The reports are meticulously crafted to provide you with a nuanced understanding of your financial landscape for enhanced decision-making.

Fee Management Reports

Our Fee Management Reports empower you with the tools needed to make informed decisions, mitigate discrepancies, and optimize your financial processes. Experience financial control at its best with our comprehensive reporting suite.


The MCBS/VIBS Report allows for a detailed analysis leveraging the Merchant Category Code Billing System and Visa Information Bulletin System, ensuring comprehensive insights into your transactions. Elevate your reporting experience with the GENIUS MCBS/VIBS Report, offering advanced perspectives for enhanced decision-making.

Reconciled & Unreconciled Reports

Ensure precision in your financial records with the Reconciled Report, which meticulously aligns your data for accuracy. Identify and address discrepancies promptly with the Unreconciled Report, offering a focused view on areas that require attention.

Exception Reports

Dive into the Exception Report, navigating through specific anomalies, including missing data, non-transactional charges, and charges not configured.

Expected vs Acrual Reports

For a holistic view of your financial performance, explore the Expected vs. Actual Interchange Report, analyzing variances and providing valuable insights. Our Fee Management Reports suite empowers you to make informed decisions, streamline processes, and optimize your financial strategies. 

Streamlined Fee Management & Reporting

Experience financial control redefined with our comprehensive fee management and reporting capabilities.

Acquirers Fee Management Solution by ISG