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ISG Authify

For Seamless Onboarding

Integrated API Driven KYC Solution

ISG Authify

ISG Authify solves entity/customer onboarding challenges for both issuing and acquiring side players by integrating various APIs and API aggregators. The vast collection of APIs reduces onboarding TAT, minimizes fraud and reduces false information by automatically capturing information through various platforms such as NSDL, UIDAI, CIBIL, Income tax portal with the help of API aggregators.

Know-Your-Customer ISG Authify

Umbrella Solution

Umbrella KYC solution for various onboarding processes and KYC journeys


A collection of REST-based APIs which can easily be consumed by any third-party application

Time-Saving Solution

With a diverse set of validations on the fly, reduced manual entries and errors, it reduces the onboarding TAT

Opt ISG Authify for

Seamless Onboarding Journeys

ISG Authify simplifies various onboarding journeys, such as merchant onboarding on the acquiring side, customer onboarding on banking and issuing platforms, and overall data entry life cycle by customers. Aim is to automatically retrieve the necessary customer demographic and business details through REST-based APIs, ultimately reducing the onboarding turnaround time (TAT).

Why Choose ISG Authify?

USP of ISG Authify

ISG Authify covers a diverse set of validations of Merchant and the Customer Profile on the fly. The solution significantly reduces the onboarding time for merchants, enabling them to almost instantly begin accepting digital payments from their customers on payment platforms. Likewise, on e-commerce platforms, merchants can also start accepting sales orders almost immediately.

Similarly, ISG Authify Product aids in validating customer profiles on customer onboarding platforms, whether it’s for account opening, credit card issuance, or prepaid cards. In the absence of online platforms, customers are typically required to submit various documentary proofs along with their application forms. ISG Authify Products eliminate this requirement.

eKYC, vKYC, AML, CIBIL, Banking and OCR APIs, PAN, Aadhar, & GSTN verification

eSigning using Aadhar, fetching ITR forms from income tax

AML Check on the Merchant and Customer Profiles

AML Check on Forex Remittances for validating the Remitter and Beneficiary Profiles

Aggregator of API providers as NSDL, UIDAI, CIBIL, Karza, and Signzy

Scalable Solution

The product is designed using the latest technology stack and architectural practices. It is developed using a microservices framework and can be deployed on the cloud or on-prem datacentre. When deployed over the cloud, it can leverage the auto-scaling capabilities of the cloud. With a microservices architecture, we can do horizontal scaling of the application whenever required.

Microservices Architecture

Followed Agile Technology

Secure & Certified Platform

ISG Authify For Multi-Platform KYC

A comprehensive API aggregator platform for end-to-end KYC needs, catering to both issuing and acquiring sides