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Customised Issuing Solutions

Physical & Digital Issuance

Issuance stands as a pivotal process within the realm of financial services, enabling individuals and businesses to access a wide array of payment solutions. From credit and debit cards to virtual, prepaid, and loyalty cards, the issuance of these personalized financial instruments marks the gateway to convenience, security, and seamless transactions. This intricate process involves not only producing physical cards but also aligning with cutting-edge technology to ensure data integrity, encryption, and real-time authorization. Whether it’s empowering consumers with frictionless payments or facilitating corporate expense management, card issuance plays a foundational role in shaping modern financial experiences, fostering financial inclusion, and propelling digital innovation.

Personalization Bureau

Branding, features customization & comprehensive card packaging 

Back-office & Operations

Reconciliation, settlement, processing and report generation

Updates and Support

Skilled people and product update support

Card Management Suite

Fast-track your card onboarding program with ISG’s seamless card management system with card personalization, interchange processing, reconciliation, operations, regulatory compliance, and security.

Physical To Digital Journeys

Innovated the platforms like our CMS web portal and mobile app to transform  from physical to digital card issuance journeys

ISG's Issuance Offerings

Credit, Prepaid, Virtual & More

Our comprehensive suite of services covers everything from traditional debit and credit cards to the exciting realm of virtual and prepaid cards and even the issuance of wearable devices.

Credit Card Management System

Unlock a world of credit possibilities for your customers with our Credit Card Management System. Seamlessly allow them to manage their credit cards, accounts, track expenditures, and access detailed statements through our user-friendly web portal and mobile app with digital onboarding, instant activation and enhanced security

Prepaid Card Management System

Let your customers experience unparalleled control and convenience with our advanced Prepaid Cards Management System. Whether you're a fintech or an issuing bank, our system kickstarts the prepaid card journey instantly. From real-time reloads to customized spending limits, we put the power of financial management right at the fingertips

Virtual Card Management System

The future lies in virtual. Say goodbye to sharing your sensitive card details online. Our virtual cards provide you with dynamic, one-time-use card numbers that keep your transactions secure while maintaining the flexibility you need. With easy creation, management, and real-time monitoring, enjoy peace of mind in every online purchase.

Debit Card Management System

Navigate the corporate world with ease through our Corporate Cards offering. Simplify expense management, enhance transparency, and empower your employees with corporate cards that seamlessly integrate with your financial systems. Enjoy comprehensive reporting, spend controls, and streamlined reimbursements.

Corporate Cards

Fintech or an issuer bank, partner with us to navigate the corporate world with ease through our corporate card offering. Simplify expense management, enhance transparency, and seamless integration with your financial systems. In-built comprehensive reporting, spending controls, and streamlined reimbursements.

Loyalty Cards

Experience rewards like never before with our Loyalty Cards program. Whether you're a business aiming to enhance customer loyalty or an issuing bank for that brand, our loyalty card solution is designed to enrich the experiences. It features loyalty points, discounts, and tailored benefits for brands

Meal Cards

Fuel the day with our Meal Cards, specially designed to simplify meal payments for employees and enhance dining experiences. From office cafeterias to partnered restaurants, our meal cards offer a convenient and cashless way to enjoy meals while promoting budget control and ease of use.

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