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Acquiring Switch

A terminal agnostic solution that enables seamless integrations with any terminal, device, scheme, and acquiring switch keeping you on top of your customer experience. It is designed to be versatile and adaptable, capable of seamlessly integrating with a wide range of different hardware and software terminals. ISG’s acquiring switch provides a business-based, configurable transaction router minimizing the cost and the time of every single transaction. 


Sloud-native solution for seamless payments integration


A PCI S3 & scheme-certified solution with adherence to security standards


Supports PSPs & global acquirers, reducing merchant integration expenses

Acquiring Switch by ISG

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Genius® Access Point

A microservices-based product with multi-tenant switching and logic-based transaction routing solution that effortlessly manages:

Genius® RouteSmart

An intelligent router that decides the routing of transactions based on multiple business logic which are configurable

Enabling Dynamic Routing

The transactions can be based on Transaction Success Ratio, Least Cost Routing, Merchant Choice Switch, or OnUs. RouteSmart is capable of handling all, optimizing time and money on every transaction carried out by your customers.

PCI S3 & Scheme-Certified

With high levels of security compliance and has been rigorously tested and certified by major payment card schemes. It is designed to handle digital payments securely and efficiently, making it a trusted solution for businesses and financial institutions seeking to process digital payments while minimizing security risks and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

HSM Key Management

Real-time Transaction & Fraud Monitoring

3DS Secure

ISG's Switch + PG For Seamless Transactions

ISG’s integrated acquiring switch and payment gateway together offer a streamlined transaction solution, minimizing third-party hops, improving acceptance rates and lowering processing fees