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Online Dispute Resolution (ODR)

For Online Dispute Redressal

Streamlining Dispute Resolution

ODR Solution

The ODR Solution is an independent module designed for seamless integration with a bank’s existing dispute management systems. This integration enables customers to conveniently register disputes through various omni-channels, including Mobile Banking, Internet Banking, Corporate website, IVRS, Email, and Branches.

A comprehensive and efficient approach to dispute resolution, enhancing the customer experience and ensuring the timely handling of disputes by leveraging the bank’s existing systems and channels.


This ODR solution by ISG offers:

With Unified & Smooth

Customer Interface

ODR serves as a front-end, single-integrated solution, providing customers with the capability to register disputes (if desired), verify their status, and escalate them if resolution is not achieved within the defined TAT (Turnaround Time). Dispute resolution, specific to the channel and dispute type, is efficiently managed within the respective dispute management systems. The status of each resolution is readily accessible through ODR.

The ODR system should be a transparent, rule-based, system-driven, user-friendly and unbiased mechanism for resolving customer disputes and grievances, with zero or minimal manual intervention. 

Seamless API Integration

Our solution seamlessly exposes and consumes APIs from respective channels to ISG’s ODR system, ensuring smooth communication and data exchange.

Built-In Escalation Mechanism

For unresolved or open disputes that extend beyond the defined TAT, ODR incorporates a dedicated Escalation Module. This feature facilitates the escalation of such disputes to the responsible key stakeholders, ensuring that timely and effective actions are taken.

Integration Touch-Points

The system serves as a centralized hub for efficiently handling all digital transaction disputes, simplifying the process for both users and administrators. Its seamless integration capabilities via APIs make it easy to connect with various channels and applications, enhancing accessibility and versatility. With a proactive built-in escalation module, the platform ensures timely resolution of issues. 

Importantly, it allows users to access dispute status from any channel, regardless of where the dispute was originally raised, offering a unified and user-friendly experience. Covering a wide spectrum of digital transaction disputes, the system also guarantees full compliance with RBI mandates and regulations, providing both convenience and regulatory adherence in one comprehensive solution.

ISG's ODRS For Seamless Dispute Redressal

Connect your payment platforms with our compliant ODRS platform to make your organization compliant with the regulatory mandates