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Fraud Risk Management (FRM)

Comprehensive FRM Solution

Fraud Risk Management

FRM supports acquiring transactions for key payment schemes, including but not limited to VISA and MasterCard. Our solution offers post-facto monitoring for suspicious transactions, along with an alert mechanism for hold and release functionality related to merchant payouts.

FRM checks transactions against configurable, predefined risk rules. If a transaction triggers any of these rules, it generates an alert, leading to the transaction being held and excluded from merchant payouts.



Agile platform with a quick adaptation to the changes in the set of rules


Strategic set of rules to keep transactions away from frauds

Embedded Compliance

Seamless embedded compliance for regulatory adherence

Ahead of the curve

Enhanced risk management through comprehensive FRM solution



Our fraud detection and prevention strategies encompass a range of configurable, predefined measures, such as:

  • monitoring transaction patterns for sudden changes, 
  • analyzing average transaction values, 
  • assessing chargeback volume, and 
  • scrutinizing monthly processing that exceeds anticipated sales or experiences fluctuations. 

Detect irregularities in ticket amounts and purchase patterns, monitor accounts for unusual increases in refund amounts, and track factors like the number of authorization attempts, multiple transactions to the same card, and timing between transactions.

FRM systematically evaluates transactions against these predefined risk rules. If a transaction aligns with any of these rules, it generates a risk alert, and the transaction is held and excluded from merchant payouts.

Streamline FRM/eFRM

Streamline FRM and eFRM for your transaction life cycle