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Role-Based Access Control (RBAC)

For Issuing & Acquiring Portals

Access Control

Role-Based Access Control (RBAC) is an authorization strategy that classifies privileges based on specific roles. RBAC is a widely adopted approach, especially by medium to large organizations, for effectively categorizing their personnel through role assignments.

RBAC ensures that only authorized individuals can access sensitive financial data and perform designated actions, significantly simplifying access management and enhancing the security of an organization’s distributed resources. In an RBAC system, access and permissions are assigned based on an individual’s role within the system, ensuring that all individuals with the same role share a common set of rights, while those with different roles have distinct permissions.

RBAC-Role-based-access-control at ISG

RBAC Implementation

RBAC streamlines access control and bolsters security, providing a tailored and efficient solution for your issuer dashboard logins and acquirer portal logins, all as part of our comprehensive payment processing service. The implementation of RBAC involves a series of a few key steps:

Define Roles:

Clearly define the roles within your organization, specifying the responsibilities and access rights associated with each role.

Assign Permissions:

Assign permissions and access rights to each role, in accordance with their responsibilities and requirements.

Manage User Access:

Efficiently manage user access by aligning each individual with the appropriate role and its associated permissions.


Controlled Multi-Level Access

Empowers entities to mitigate operational and brand risk

Enhanced Security:

RBAC enhances overall security by promoting compliance, safeguarding confidentiality, protecting privacy, and managing access to resources and sensitive data and systems

Structure-Driven Access

RBAC enables organizations to establish hierarchies for permission assignment, aligning access rights with the seniority or organizational topology

Selective Access

RBAC systems provide the flexibility to support users holding multiple roles concurrently, each with specific permissions tailored to their responsibilities


Gives capacity to regularly review and adjust permissions associated with each role, ensuring that access remains aligned with evolving needs and responsibilities

Robust RBAC System from ISG

Opt to secure, role-based hierarchical access across your organization