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Genius Recurring Hub

RuPay, Visa & Mastercard Ready for RBI’s E-mandate


Automated, Secure & Compliant Solution for

Recurring Payments or Standing Instructions (SI)

An agile Standing Instructions (SI) and Mandate HQ solution for swift handling of mandates, subscriptions and edge cases like card change, retries, email alerts etc. Empower your bank or fintech with our comprehensive Recurring Hub and Standing Instruction solution. From seamless registration, modification, intimation, and cancellation of SIs to robust Dashboard, MIS, and efficient settlement of SI transactions, we provide the full cycle support you need for a streamlined and customer-centric experience.

Genius® Recurring Hub

ISG’s Genius Recurring Hub automates the E-mandate process and the recurring billing based on the billing frequency

It sends out articulated invoices before the due date.

ISG's Recurring Hub offers

Features implemented on ISG’s Genius Recurring Hub are :

Customer E-Mandate Portal

E-Mandate Registration

E-Mandate Modification

E-Mandate Cancellation

E-Mandate Transactions

E-Mandate Intimation

Pre-Debit Notification (24 hour in advance)

Enabled E-Mandate on Customer mobile app

Multiple Billing Models (Fixed/Flexible)

Multiple Payment Options (Cards, E-mandate, UPI)

Multi-currency support

AFA from card holder from recurring transaction > INR 5000

ISG's SI+Switch+Recon For Seamless Transactions

ISG’s integrated recurring hub, acquiring switch and reconciliation together offer a streamlined transaction solution, minimizing third-party hops and lowering processing fees