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Issuance & Acquirer FASTag Switch

For FASTag Transactions

Payments have evolved not only in the retail sector but also across various industries, including government and public utilities. Over time, digital payment methods, such as NCMC and road toll payments, have become prevalent in the country. One notable example is FASTag, which was introduced by the Indian government to streamline and expedite toll collection.

FASTag is a user-friendly and reusable device utilizing Radio-frequency identification technology (RFID), designed to be affixed on a vehicle’s windshield. Each tag is linked to a registered partner bank or wallet, enabling effortless and automated toll charge deductions. This initiative aligns with the National Electronic Toll Collection (NETC) program, implemented by NPCI(National Payments Corporation of India) under the guidance of NHAI(National HighwayS Authority of India) and IHMCL

Ecosystem players & the role of ISG

In this context, the Issuer Bank, a member of NPCI, issues the ETC Tag to vehicle owners for payments using the ETC Tag. The Acquirer Bank, also a member of NPCI, oversees the Toll Plaza, ensuring the smooth acceptance of ETC transactions within the ETC Payment System. ISG’s role in this ecosystem is to offer a comprehensive switching solution for both Issuer and Acquirer Banks, enabling efficient processing of FASTag transactions.

Issuer & Acquirer Switch

ISG FASTag Switch functions for both Issuer and Acquirer Banks

Ready to go live with any FASTag Bank or Wallet

Built-in integration with banks and wallets

Switching for FASTag Transaction

ISG’s FASTag Switch handles:

Payment Initiation

When the amount get deducted from user's FASTag account at any toll, the switch receives the transaction request from the user's FASTag account and routes it to the issuer bank

Authentication and authorization

ISG's FASTag Switch then communicates with the user's bank to authenticate the user's identity and authorize the transaction to take place


Once the transaction is authorized, it sends settlement instructions to the banks involved in the transaction to ensure that the funds are transferred from the sender's account to the receiver's account

Error handling

Functionality also includes any errors or issues that may arise during the transaction process, such as failed transactions or incorrect account details

RuPay NCMC Card from ISG

With the NPCI scheme, ISG’s Genius Issuing suite offers a ready CMS for RuPay NCMC cards for metros, trains and buses. One card for travel.