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Issuer Side Processing System

The Issuing Switch, a fundamental component of a payment processor’s infrastructure, plays a pivotal role in the transaction flow. It is responsible for initiating and managing payment transactions on behalf of customers, ensuring their authenticity and securely routing them to the relevant financial institution for processing. This process is of paramount importance for financial institutions that issue digital payments, as it is the cornerstone of secure and efficient transaction completion. The Issuing Switch’s ability to handle these tasks effectively is instrumental in maintaining the integrity and reliability of digital payment systems.

Issuer model consists

Incoming messages received by the schemes will be parsed by the communication handler and internally send to the Transaction Processor

Transaction Processor receives the message from Communication Handler which is then passed on to the HSM Interface for verification

Card Security Features are routed from the Transaction Processor to the HSM Interface. This HSM interface communicates with the Hardware Security Module for the verification of the same.


PCI S3 & Scheme-Certified

With high levels of security compliance and has been rigorously tested and certified by major payment card schemes. It is designed to handle digital payments securely and efficiently, making it a trusted solution for businesses and financial institutions seeking to process digital payments while minimizing security risks and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

HSM Key Management

Real-time Transaction & Fraud Monitoring

3D Secure

ISG's Switch + Recon For Seamless Transactions

ISG’s integrated issuing switch and reconciliation together offer a streamlined transaction solution, minimizing third-party hops, improving acceptance rates and lowering processing fees