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Enterprise Fraud Risk Management (eFRM)

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E-FRM, or Enterprise Fraud Risk Management, is a strategic framework tailored for real-time payment security. This approach involves a thorough assessment of fraud risks specific to instantaneous transactions, scrutinizing potential vulnerabilities, threat vectors, and operational weaknesses.

ISG’s Genius eFRM comprises:


Genius® eFRM

E-FRM aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of real-time payment fraud risks and their potential impact. The EFRM engine is exceptionally versatile in combatting a wide range of fraud attacks, and the following list showcases some of the more common ones:

ATM and Debit Card Fraud

Instant Payments Fraud

Ecommerce Fraud

Money Laundering

eFRM measures encompass

Advanced technology solutions

Streamlined policies and procedures

Focused employee training, and other countermeasures

The purpose is to efficiently detect, prevent, and respond to fraud in real-time payment processes. By adopting E-FRM, organizations can proactively manage and mitigate fraud risks, ensuring the security of real-time payments and safeguarding against financial losses and reputational damage.

What sets it apart from other FRM products in the market is its unique customizability for various stakeholders, including merchants, acquirers, issuers, and PSPs.

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The availability of ISG’s eFRM extends across channels and data formats, encompassing all electronic payment channels and major payment industry data formats.