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ESG Compliant

Sustainable & Responsible Efforts

ISG Proven Payments Expertise

By incorporating ESG considerations into business strategies, ISG tries to contribute to sustainable development, attract socially conscious customers, and build a resilient and responsible business model. It’s been a constant effort to develop technologies and services that promote financial inclusion, employment generation, and our contribution to GDP

ESG compliant company


Fintech pioneering eco-conscious solutions for a greener and sustainable financial ecosystem


ISG fosters inclusivity, social impact, and ethical engagement in financial interactions


Upholds strong governance principles to ensure transparency, accountability & ethical leadership

ESG Initiatives

ISG drives sustainable growth and positive impact

Enterprise Digitization

targeting underserved populations and providing access to banking and financial services for marginalized enterprises

Regulatory Compliance

aligned with evolving regulatory frameworks, demonstrating a commitment to good governance & responsible business practices

Data Security & Privacy

ensuring the privacy and security of customer information, demonstrating a commitment to governance & customer trust

Social Partnerships

working with NGOs, government, & other organizations to create joint initiatives that address social and environmental challenges

Anti-Money Laundering & Anti-Fraud Measures

ensuring the integrity of financial transactions and uphold ethical standards

Charitable Initiatives

Supporting charitable causes & encouraging employee participation in volunteering & community engagement

Reducing Carbon Footprint

reducing our carbon footprint, by transitioning to energy saving and optimised data center operations

Financial Literacy

developing educational resources & conducting workshops to improve financial literacy and responsible financial behavior

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