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UPI Express from ISG

Revolutionizing UPI Transations

UPI Express from ISG for

UPI Transations

One-stop embedded UPI solution that will reshape the landscape of UPI payment processing for banks and fintechs. UPI Express, an all-encompassing umbrella suite that goes beyond conventional UPI switching. 

Umbrella Solution

An all-encompassing umbrella suite that goes beyond conventional UPI switching


One-stop UPI solution to process seamless UPI transactions

PSP App Integration

The suite includes ready to integrate PSP app for banks

Embedded UPI Switching

ISG’s in-house Genius UPI Switch to intermediate between various banks and payment service providers. Its main function is to route UPI transactions between different banks and payment service providers, ensuring secure & seamless transactions through the interface

End-to-End Processing Of

UPI Transactions

Apart from the UPI Switch, the embedded audits, compliance, reconciliation, fee management, and online dispute redressal make UPI Express from ISG stand out as a key differentiator

Authorization Host for Credit Transactions

UPI express from ISG is a bundled gateway solution with an authorization host for RuPay credit card transactions for issuer banks

Embedded UPI Reconciliation

Embedded reconciliation process for credit and CASA transactions with real-time data synchronization & accurate transaction records

Embedded Audits and Compliance

Every transaction is meticulously tracked and recorded for transparency with regular compliance checks

Streamlined Fee Management

Fee management system empowering you to set, track, and manage transaction fees seamlessly

Online Dispute

A user-friendly ODR/UDIR interface for dispute resolution, ensuring prompt and efficient customer support.

Interchange Optimization

Tracking unsuccessful edits and maintaining a flexible reporting system are integral components of effective cost management and decision-making for the business

Dispute / Chargeback Services

Proficiently oversee and contest chargebacks throughout the entire dispute process, from the initial presentation phase to the resolution of each case, with precision and timeliness.

UPI Express For Seamless UPI Transactions

ISG’s integrated UPI Express removes the third-party integration and dependencies, improving the transaction success rates, reconciliation time and reducing the processing fees