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Know Your Customer

KYC Solution for Issuers & Acquirers​

Compliance Is The Core

Know Your Customer

At ISG, ensuring the security, integrity, and compliance of financial transactions is of paramount importance. We have developed our in-house state-of-the-art KYC (Know Your Customer) solution, ISG Auhtify, to meet the unique needs and challenges of the payments sector.

RegTech sector is evolving and KYC has become the linchpin of responsible and secure financial services. It is not just a legal requirement but a vital tool in protecting your business from fraud, money laundering, and reputational risks.

Know-Your-Customer KYC Solution by ISG
Know-Your-Customer KYC Solution by ISG

Ready to Plug-In KYC API

Seamlessly integrate our KYC features into your existing systems and applications, allowing for a smoother and more efficient onboarding process. Our APIs are designed to save you time and resources, providing a hassle-free way to strengthen your KYC procedures.

KYC for Issuing & Acquiring

KYC Solution

We have tailored KYC solutions for the needs of the banking and payments industry player, ensuring that you can achieve the following:


Meet regulatory requirements, keeping your operations smooth and trouble-free with our robust compliance features

Customer Verification

Verify the identity of your customers swiftly and accurately, reducing the risk of fraudulent activities and ensuring integrity.


Streamline your onboarding and customer due diligence processes, allowing you to onboard faster without compromising security.

Risk Management

Make informed decisions by accessing data and risk assessment tools. Empower your business to identify and mitigate potential risks


Our KYC solution is scalable to meet your current and future needs, ensuring your compliance processes grow with your business

Compliance Is The Core

Our Commitment

At ISG, we are committed to providing cutting-edge KYC solutions for the payments industry. We understand the unique challenges you face, and our solution is here to help you navigate them with ease. Rest assured, your security, compliance, and success are our top priorities.

Ready to enhance your KYC processes

and elevate your security and compliance standards in the payments industry?