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Genius® Issuing Suite from ISG

In a dynamic landscape where customers demand the freedom to pay when, where, and how they desire, issuers need a solution that embodies innovation and financial agility. ISG Genius® Issuing Suite — a comprehensive end-to-end card management suite by ISG, meticulously crafted by our issuance product experts. Our suite unlocks an array of limitless issuing configurations, that align with your market objectives. By seamlessly integrating advanced card issuing capabilities, this suite empowers you to craft, configure, and manage a spectrum of new products, adapt existing ones, and orchestrate future payments. Boasting multi-currency, multi-country, multi-institution, and multi-language functionality, it’s easily customizable to oversee diverse card products across countries and issuers— all under one robust platform.

The Genius® Issuing Suite accommodates loading issuing interchanges while seamlessly facilitating the setup of proprietary card schemes like VISA, Mastercard, RuPay, and others. This versatile suite allows for configuring multiple cards to access numerous accounts or various combinations, fostering unparalleled adaptability. Harness this flexibility to swiftly respond to market shifts, driving your market share with agility and precision.

A comprehensive solution for issuers

All-inclusive Issuing Suite

Satisfy your customers’ demands and anticipations with our adaptable Issuing Solution, offering virtually boundless issuing configurations. ISG Genius® Issuing Suite covers everything from instant era of digital onboarding, web-based issuance journeys to audits and accounting.  Here are some of the Web Portal & App features enhancing cardholder’s experience:

Digital Onboarding Journey

Revolutionizing access with seamless digital enrollment for a frictionless payment card issuance process. This journey starts with an intuitive and user-friendly application interface that guides applicants through the required steps with ease. By integrating automation and digitization, the digital onboarding journey ensures that customers can apply for payment cards from the comfort of their own devices, reducing the need for manual paperwork and long waiting times.

eKYC (Electronic Know Your Customer)

With the implementation of eKYC, the authentication process for payment card issuance becomes not only streamlined but also highly secure. eKYC leverages digital identification methods to verify customer identities remotely, eliminating the need for in-person visits to physical branches. By utilizing biometric data, document verification, and AI-powered algorithms, eKYC accelerates the validation process while maintaining regulatory compliance and minimizing the risk of identity fraud.

Instant Issuance

Empowering immediate access to cards for instant transactions and enhanced convenience. Modern payment card issuance has embraced the concept of instant activation, allowing cardholders to use their cards almost immediately upon approval. By leveraging real-time processing capabilities, financial institutions can activate cards within seconds, reducing the traditional waiting period that customers often encounter. This feature not only enhances customer satisfaction but also encourages prompt card usage and engagement.

Virtual Card Option

The advent of virtual card options has added a layer of convenience to payment card issuance. Virtual cards provide customers with immediate access to card details upon approval, enabling them to make online transactions before the physical card arrives. This option enhances the customer experience by offering flexibility and instant usability, making it particularly valuable for e-commerce transactions, travel bookings, and digital payments.

Card/PIN Management & Controls

Secure card & PIN management while offering granular controls for personalized transaction security

Risk & Fraud Management

Safeguarding transactions with vigilant risk assessment and proactive fraud prevention strategies

Multiple Fund Transfer

Enabling cardholders to move funds seamlessly between various accounts, eliminating the need for additional transactions or intermediaries

Embedded Audits

Seamlessly aligning financial data to enhance accuracy and streamline the reconciliation process.

Product Accounting

Transparently tracking financial activity to ensure accurate product profitability and financial insights.

Dispute Management

Swiftly resolving issues, ensuring peace of mind and seamless cardholder experiences.

RuPay Credit Card on UPI

And with the NPCI scheme, a ready platform for RuPay Credit Cards on UPI

RuPay Credit Card on UPI (BHIM-Scan)

Secure & compliant platform for issuers

Key security features

With state-of-the-art security measures, including robust encryption and multi-factor authentication, ensuring the highest level of data protection for cardholder information.

Consumer Protection

Secure and compliant practices