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Acquiring Processing

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Acquiring Processing Solutions

Transform the way your customers pay – seamlessly and securely – across various payment methods, elevating the entire customer journey. Embrace a unified payments ecosystem that streamlines transactions while offering comprehensive support for every facet of your payments enterprise.


This platform facilitates rapid payment transactions and supports multi-channel processing


An platform with PCI-DSS certification and comprehensive adherence to standard security protocols


Adapt and expand to match your needs, providing exactly what your business requires

Payment Gateway Solution

Effortlessly embrace the omnichannel experience by unifying diverse payment capabilities within a singular, powerful platform. With our Acquiring Processing Solutions, we craft services custom-fitted to your unique business requisites

For Banks, Businesses & Merchants

Experience the trust of our e-commerce payment gateway, ISGPay®, designed for banks, businesses, and merchants. Through a single integration, gain access to a vast array of global and local payment services. Connect effortlessly to all major payment methods and tap into a worldwide payments network that includes local and cross-border acquirers.


Acquiring Processing

Streamline your payment operations by consolidating transaction functions and benefiting from comprehensive support for your entire payment lifecycle. Seamlessly unlock omnichannel capabilities by uniting all payment functionalities within a single, versatile platform. 

Online Authorization / Switch

Our platform directly connects to an array of major card schemes, including RuPay, Mastercard, VISA, American Express, EFTPOS, Discover, UPI, and many others.

Reconciliation and Settlement Services

Seamlessly aligning the payments' data and transaction details to enhance accuracy and streamline the reconciliation process for banks & merchants.

Interchange Optimization

Tracking unsuccessful edits and maintaining a flexible reporting system are integral components of effective cost management and decision-making for the business

Dispute / Chargeback Services

Proficiently oversee and contest chargebacks throughout the entire dispute process, from the initial presentation phase to the resolution of each case, with precision and timeliness.

Merchant Plugin

Get started swiftly in the world of e-commerce with our multi-platform merchant plugins. No coding expertise; just a few steps to access and launch your business online

Risk and Fraud Services

Seamlessly integrate the embedded risk and fraud management with advanced risk and fraud detection and prevention tools directly into the acquiring processing platform

Recurring Hub

Enables you to efficiently handle and oversee recurring payment processes, ensuring they align with regulatory requirements and adhere to established compliance standards.

Empower Your Business

with customized acquiring processing solutions from ISG. Elevate customer satisfaction as you offer swift and secure payment options across all methods.