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Card/PIN Controls

Real-time User Controls


Custom Controls Via

Issuing App/Web Portal

ISG Issuing Suite ISG’s Issuing Suite provides a wide range of card management functions, ensuring efficient control over every aspect of card issuance. These functions encompass card issuer management, card program configuration, card and account setup, card production, and meticulous card audit trails.

It offers complete control over the card issuing lifecycle, right down to the individual cardholder level. Card parameters are set at the product level, but cardholders can customize their card settings to block or unblock currencies, merchant category codes, country codes, and more, either temporarily or permanently. In the case of corporate or private hierarchy, these parameters can be applied at the department, cardholder, or member level, ensuring a tailored approach to authorization setup.


User-Friendly Web Portal and Mobile App

The Issuing web portal or mobile app, can give control to set and manage Personal Identification Number (PIN) and card features like daily limit, cash withdrawal limit, POS transaction limit, etc. The suite provides instant, instruction-based changes to card status, directly impacting the authorization process.

Versatile Authorization Configuration

Parameter-Driven Authorization

Our solution is driven by parameters, allowing for flexible authorization setup.

Account Credit Limits

Choose from various credit limit structures, including shared and allocated limits.

Spending Limits

Define specific spending limits for cardholders

Transaction Limits

Set transaction limits to control the card’s usage

Velocity Checking

Implement velocity checks to monitor the speed and frequency of transactions

MCC Blocking

Control transactions by blocking specific Merchant Category Codes (MCCs)

PIN Change Enforcement

Enforce a change of PIN upon card activation for added security

First PIN-Based Contact Authorization

Activate the card through first PIN-based contact authorization with security features

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