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Issuance & Acquirer UPI Switch

Seamless UPI Transactions

ISG’s end-to-end capabilities also include the in-house UPI Switch to intermediate between various banks and payment service providers. Its main function is to route UPI transactions between different banks and payment service providers, ensuring secure & seamless transactions through the interface

Issuer & Acquirer Switch

ISG UPI Switch can function as both Issuance and Acquirer Switch

Ready to go BHIM PSP Integration

Built-in integration with BHIM PSP application

Real time pay-outs

Solution has to capability to do real time merchant pay-out
UPI-switch at ISG

Switching for UPI Transaction

ISG’s Genius UPI Switch handles:

A comprehensive payment processing solution for UPI transactions that covers the entire payment lifecycle. It starts with initiating payments, verifying their legitimacy, ensuring the successful transfer of funds, and handling any hiccups or errors that may occur along the way. This end-to-end capability makes it a reliable and efficient choice for businesses and organizations looking to manage their payment operations.

Payment Initiation

When a user initiates a UPI transaction, the switch receives the transaction request from the user's mobile application and routes it to the bank that issued the user's UPI ID

Authentication and authorization

ISG's Genius UPI Switch then communicates with the user's bank to authenticate the user's identity and authorize the transaction to take place


Once the transaction is authorized, it sends settlement instructions to the banks involved in the transaction to ensure that the funds are transferred from the sender's account to the receiver's account

Error handling

Functionality also includes any errors or issues that may arise during the transaction process, such as failed transactions or incorrect account details

RuPay Credit Card on UPI

With the NPCI scheme, ISG’s Genius suite offers a ready authorisation platform for RuPay Credit Cards on UPI

RuPay Credit Card on UPI (BHIM-Scan)