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Issuance Processing Solutions

Unlimited Issuing Flexibility

In response to the ever-evolving demands of customers to pay according to their preferences, be it when, where, or how they choose, issuers must harness innovation and financial adaptability. Our Issuing Processing Solutions offer a comprehensive range of issuing products and services, from virtual prepaid options to cutting-edge credit, debit, and corporate cards. The advanced, seamlessly integrated card issuing capabilities grant you the freedom to design, configure new products, adapt existing ones, or proactively manage future payment solutions. Our platform boasts certification from international card schemes, as well as local and white label schemes, ensuring you’re equipped to create and manage products and services efficiently through its API technology.

Highly Configurable

Harness the power of innovation to boost your top-line revenue with virtually limitless configuration possibilities. ISG’s Genuis® Issuing operates seamlessly across multiple organizations and hierarchies, supporting various card types, multiple currencies, and languages.

Reliability and Flexibility

Accelerate your time-to-market by crafting new products, adjusting existing ones, or seamlessly managing future payments. ISG Issuing Processing Solutions empower you with remarkable flexibility, enabling swift responses to market dynamics and the ability to capture market share effectively.


Leverage ISG’s Genuis® API to gain control, scalability, and insights, simplifying the creation of your ideal payment experience without the complexities associated with legacy issuer processors.

Issuing Processing

an umbrella issuance suite with integrated processing solutions

Issuer Switch

Issuer Switch blends security, speed, and flexibility, ensuring your customers can pay when, where, and how they choose, while you stay ahead in the rapidly evolving payments landscape

3D Secure 2.0

Unleash the full potential of your issuer capabilities with 3-D Secure payment solutions. It fortifies the payment offerings with a robust layer of protection for cardholders, merchants, and issuers

Access Control Server

Our platform accommodates a diverse array of card products, whether branded or private label, encompassing both virtual and physical cards in multiple currencies

Issuer-Side Tokenization

Designed with security and convenience in mind, this service empowers issuers to replace sensitive cardholder information with unique, dynamic tokens

A comprehensive solution for issuers

Issuing Processing

Apart from Issuer Switch, 3D-Secure 2.0, Access Control Server & Issuer Tokenization, ISG Genius® Issuing Suite covers:

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