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ISG's Acquiring Dashboard

SG’s Analytics-Driven Merchant Portal offers a unified and comprehensive view of merchants, consolidating all merchant data into a singular source for detailed insights. This portal serves as a centralized hub for transactional, refunds, chargeback, invoices, and other data activities, providing real-time access to reports, statistics, and essential information. Users can seamlessly navigate through transactions, generate revenue overviews, and visualize turnover through intuitive graphical presentations.


One-Click Access

Key features include a single sign-on application for simplified identity management, offering secure, one-click access for assigned users. The portal ensures swift and effortless access to transactional data and analytics, providing an enriched dashboard for visualizing transaction volumes and activities. User-friendly tools are incorporated to effortlessly generate reports, facilitating data-driven business decisions.

Acquiring Dashboard Features

This tool is designed to empower acquirers and their merchants with a consolidated platform for accessing vital information related to transactions, sales volumes, chargebacks, payments, ticketing, reporting, and authorization. Utilizing a merchant selector, partners can easily access a single merchant or navigate through various levels of the merchant hierarchy. This inclusive view enables partners to review commission details generated across their entire merchant portfolio.

Enriched Dashboard

Visualize transaction volumes and activities through an intuitive and enriched dashboard.

Real-time Access

Instantly access reports, statistics, and vital information. Navigate transactions, generate revenue overviews, and visualize turnover in real-time.

Merchant Empowerment

To enhance the onboarding experience, the portal offers access to transactions, invoices, refunds, sales volumes, chargebacks, payments, ticketing, reporting, and authorization seamlessly.

Efficient Report Generation

Generate reports effortlessly with user-friendly tools

Data-Driven Decisions

Empower your business with data-driven insights for informed decision-making

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Revolutionize the way you manage and analyze your merchant data. Enhance security, streamline access, and make informed decisions with ease.
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