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Acquirers Fee Management Solution by ISG

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ISG’s Merchant Settlement process is designed for reliability, transparency, and efficiency, aiming to simplify the complex landscape of financial reconciliation. Experience a settlement system that not only meets but exceeds industry standards, ensuring a secure and accurate financial settlement for your merchants. Simplify your payment transaction cycle with ISG’s reliable and configurable settlement solution. 

Acquirers Fee Management Solution by ISG

Experience seamless clearing & settlement with ISG

ISG’s scalable solution for settlement can seamlessly integrate as a stand-alone system, enhancing your clearing and settlement performance without requiring extensive system changes. With unlimited channels, settlement, and billing currencies, our solution streamlines the entire process—from data validation to interchange rate qualification, rejects handling, merchant funding, billing, and reporting.

Streamlined Settlement Process

In our streamlined Settlement Process Overview, we initiate the secure loading of transaction data, validate for accuracy, and employ advanced mapping for efficient processing. Meticulous reconciliation ensures accurate financial alignment, while a robust investigation framework swiftly addresses anomalies. Efficient resolution follows, guided by a user-friendly process, and precise calculation engines determine settlement amounts based on reconciled data. The process concludes with the seamless generation of transparent and comprehensive settlement reports, providing clarity and reliability at every step.


On-Us,Them-On-Us & Us-On-Them


Transaction Switch, Card Schemes & Core Banking

Input Data

Transaction Log File, Interchange Log File & Account General Ledgers


Match Transactions and Resolve Exceptions

Output Data

GL Journal Vouchers, Scheme Outgoing Files & Settlement Files

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