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POS Acquiring

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POS Acquiring

ISG’s Acquiring platform offers a comprehensive solution tailored to diverse client industries such as retail, hospitality, and travel. Covering every aspect from front-end Point of Sale (POS) operations to back-office settlement and reconciliation, the platform supports a variety of transaction types crucial for seamless business operations, elevating your transactional experience.

Key Transaction Types Supported


Streamlined processing for standard purchases

Loading of Prepaid Cards

Effortless reloading of prepaid cards for ongoing use


Easy cancellation of transactions when needed


Seamless management of reward or points redemption


Hassle-free return of funds to customers


Smooth handling of cash transactions


Flexible payment options with installment plans

DCC (Dynamic Currency Conversion)

Empowering customers to pay in their preferred currency


Future transaction pre-approval for enhanced convenience

Global Acceptance Capabilities

Our Genius platform ensures acceptance for all major card schemes and local schemes across diverse regions. Whether you operate in bustling urban centers or remote locations, our platform adapts to the unique transactional demands of different locales, providing a truly global solution.

Tailored for Your Industry

Whether you’re running a bustling retail outlet, a dynamic hospitality service, or managing travel-related transactions, our POS platform is adaptable to your industry’s specific needs. Customizable features ensure that your electronic transactions align seamlessly with your business objectives.

Nexl-level POS transactions!

Experience the next level of POS transactions with ISG, where versatility meets reliability for the success of your business.
POS-Acquiring by ISG