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Instant Card Issuance

Immediate & Secure Issuance

Catering to the demand for immediate, secure, and convenient card issuance, our issuing solution offers an innovative way to meet the needs of today’s fast-paced financial landscape. With this solution, you gain the power to provide both physical and virtual credit and debit cards on the spot, ensuring that your customers can access their financial resources without delay. This instant issuance capability covers a wide range of card types, including:

instant-issuance by ISG

Virtual Card Option

Our solution offers the rapid issuance of single or multi-use virtual cards. It generates a virtual card number, enabling your customers to make online or in-store payments instantly by adding the virtual card to their mobile wallet.

Easy Integration

Our system seamlessly integrates with your core banking system, either directly or through middleware, providing users with a unified platform and single sign-on convenience. Additionally, it interfaces with hardware security modules to ensure the secure production of PINs and the encryption and decryption of card data.

Instant Issuing Delivers More Than Just Cards:

Boosted Activation

It drives higher card activation rates, ensuring that more cards are actively used

Increased Card Usage

Encourages greater card usage, capturing interchange revenues for your business

Enhanced Security

It minimizes the risk of card interception and fraud, safeguarding both your customers and your institution

New Payment Products

Flexibility to create innovative payment products using our APIs, enhancing your offerings and customer satisfaction

Personalize your brand with ISG today

Card personalization suite to meet all your specific issuing requirements

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