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Card Personalization

Issuing Personalization Tailored For Your Needs

Card Personalization

Services For Issuers

Catering to your unique banking needs, we specialize in card issuing and personalization. Our streamlined process ensures secure, tailor-made payment solutions for our customers, from credit and debit cards to prepaid cards, all designed to meet the highest standards of security and convenience.

card-personalization for banks


Versatile service which facilitates multiple card options and supports multi-scheme personalization

Swift Process

Fast-track personalization process for your projects in compliance with major card networks

Flexible PIN System

Physical & digital PIN disbursement, enhancing the overall experience while maintaining the security standards

card-personalization for banks

Card Personalization

Prior to card manufacturing, we prioritize understanding the needs of all stakeholders within your organization to ensure a successful card-issuing journey. We offer a wide range of card products, including standard PVC cards with customizable features such as colored cores, foils, and unique designs.

In-House Design Support

We offer versatile graphical personalization options, from embossing to flat printing, allowing banks to collaborate with our in-house design experts for creative card designs.


Personalization for Issuers

Our fast-track personalization process streamlines your projects with compliance to major card networks. We offer versatile graphical personalization options, from embossing to flat printing, allowing banks to collaborate with our in-house design experts for creative card designs. Cardholder names and key credentials are personalized once the cards are manufactured. ISG’s personalization bureau offers:

Standard to Advanced Services

From the basic to the most advanced services, we cover every aspect of payment card issuance. This includes everything from receiving and processing files to personalizing cards and carriers, as well as packing and dispatching the cards. We also offer services designed to create a memorable unboxing experience, which encompasses high-end packaging development, fulfillment, and color carrier services.

Flexible PIN Disbursement

Our flexible PIN disbursement solution is designed to provide convenience and security to both your customers and your bank. We offer various options for Personal Identification Number (PIN) delivery. This includes traditional physical PIN mailers, where the PIN is sent through traditional mail. Additionally, we offer a modern digital PIN delivery option, where customers receive their PIN through secure electronic channels, such as email or mobile apps. This flexibility ensures that customers can choose the method that suits them best, enhancing their overall experience while maintaining the highest security standards.

Wearable Personalization

As technology advances, so do the options for personalized wearables. With our newly acquired PPI license, we are excited to offer personalized wearables as part of our product portfolio. This means that in addition to traditional cards, your customers can now enjoy a range of wearable devices, such as smartwatches or contactless payment accessories, personalized to their preferences. This expansion into wearables represents the next level of innovation in payment solutions, providing an even more convenient and stylish way for your customers to make secure transactions

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with customized issuing services from ISG. Elevate customer satisfaction as you offer swift and secure card options!

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