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Payment as a Service

GPaaS is dedicated to craping and deploying the next generation of Environment (Cloud/On-Prem) Agnostic Genius® Solutions & it revolutionizes the landscape of payment solutions on a global scale by integrating various modules to streamline the acquisition and issuance processes.


Engineered for simplicity, ease & scalability

GPaaS stands as a suite of compliant, scalable, and advanced technology products that offer a globally deployable solution experience. GPaaS encompasses the entire spectrum without necessitating the creation and ownership of Payment Infrastructure. GPaaS is tailored to facilitate the acquisition and issuance of payment solutions on a global scale. GPaaS is tailored to facilitate the acquisition and issuance of payment solutions on a global scale.


GPaaS Modules

Global Payment As A Service


Modules like Access Point, Smart Router, CRM, Inventory Management, and Telemetry utilize a microservices architecture. Certain deviations are permitted to enhance performance, particularly as many of these modules function as OLTP systems. This architecture adheres to the following key goals:


Achieves both vertical and horizontal scalability, supports containerization for flexibility.


Broader security principles are applied to uphold data security at rest, in transit, and during processing


Strictly adheres to regulatory, scheme, security, data privacy, and data residency-related compliances

High Availability

The architecture ensures robust availability to meet operational demands consistently

Environment Agnostic

Allows deployment on any cloud, on-premises, or hybrid environment, offering unparalleled flexibility.

Genius PaaS

A comprehensive and innovative solution, addressing the evolving needs of global payment ecosystems through its diverse modules. This platform not only facilitates seamless payment transactions but also empowers businesses with advanced tools for management, compliance, and customer engagement in a rapidly changing digital landscape.